Our firm is a large investor in Bank of America common stock ("BAC") as a result of the sale of our family owned bank, Charter Bancshares, Inc. to NationsBank in 1996. As a result of our ownership in BAC, during 2009 we became active in working to change the corporate governance and culture of the company away from management's focus on size and market share towards a focus on risk - return tradeoffs and maximizing shareholder value.

During 2009, we were successful (along with others) in causing shareholders to vote to separate the Chairman and CEO position at Bank of America. This was (and is the only) the first time that a company in the Standard & Poors 500 index had been forced by shareholders to separate the chairman and CEO position. (see WSJ story dated 4/30/2009) In addition, we were successful in generating significant "against" votes for three directors, each of whom resigned within months of the 2009 shareholder meeting.

During our shareholder campaign, we communicated with shareholders through Exempt Solicitation filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Links to our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission are set forth below. In addition, we utilized other methods of communicating with shareholders, including direct mail, interviews with various media, and television commercials in select markets.

We continue to believe the responsible corporate governance is critical at both Bank of America and other large U.S. corporations.

You may look up all of our filings made in connection with Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) on the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) website ( by searching under CIK #: 0001459131

•Form PX14A6G Filed June 24, 2013

•Form PX14A6G Filed March 29, 2010

•Form PX14A6G Filed November 3, 2009

•Form PX14A6G Filed October 7, 2009

•Form PX14A6G Filed April 24, 2009

•Form PX14A6G Filed April 1, 2009

•Form PX14A6G Filed March 27, 2009

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